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Scientific nameRapax-folium
Sigurd's danger level70%
Power level3
Max spawned1
RADAR pip sizeMedium
Door opening speed multiplier1.25
Internal IDflowerman
Stun multiplier0.25


Attack damageInstant Kill
Attack speed-
Contact damage-


The Bracken, colloquially known as the "Flowerman", is a shadowy hostile humanoid found indoors. Quietly stalking from a distance, it will eventually attempt to snap an employee's neck before dragging away their corpse.

Bestiary entry[edit]

Sigurd Log Quote:[edit]

It was the fucking wrinkly skin flower head man that walks on two legs! it turned his neck. i heard the crack but he wasnt there. I wanted to find Rich even if he was dead, but they are cowards!

Bracken -- AKA flower man!

it was flower man, you can't say othrwise! i wanted to find his body .You were the cowards

Scientific name: Rapax-folium

There is debate on the genus to which the Bracken belongs. It is a bipedal vertebrate with skin the color and texture of a red beat. The name was coined for what appear to be leaves protruding from its upper spine. The purpose of these is believed to be for intimidation, however not much is known about the specifics of bracken behaviour due to its illusiveness and low population.

We know a little from accounts by wildlife experts who have encountered it. is a lone hunter with high intelligence. Its behavior can seem aloof; it exhibits high aggression even when unprovoked, yet it quickly backs off when confronted. However, brackens are known to up their hostility when cornered or simply watched for a long time. For this reason it's recommended to keep an eye on it but not to stare it down. No specimens have been collected dead or alive. It's theorized that upon death their bodies undergo a rapid decomposition process which is unique from other large animals.



The Bracken has three possible states: sneaking, evading, and enraged.


Spawning while sneaking, the Bracken moves silently towards the nearest employee. If successfully reaching them without being noticed, it will snap their neck.


When spotted by an employee (within the middle 50% of their screen), the Bracken will stand up making rain stick sounds, and then immediately start evading where they will move away from the employee towards a chosen room (the one furthest to the employee) for 24 seconds, or 11 seconds for every third time it is spotted. The Bracken will then return to sneaking and repeat the cycle.


The Bracken has an internal anger meter. It is increased when the following conditions are met:

Action Extra Conditions Anger Meter Note
Staring at or being within 5 meters of Bracken - +.2/.2s -
Being within 5 meters of Bracken while evading +.2/.2s -
Staring at Bracken for the first 1.25s of evasion +1.5/s -
Stunning Bracken - Sets to 6 Doesn't add anger, so not causing an immediate check
Hitting Bracken with a weapon - Sets to 11, also +.1 Adds anger, so Bracken would immediately turn into enraged state

Every 1 cumulative anger added (not set) results in a randomized check for its enraged state, with a 0% chance of becoming enraged at 0 anger and a 100% chance of it becoming enraged at 11 anger.


random(0, .99) < anger * .09

Upon being enraged, the Bracken will immediately chase the nearest employee in an attempt to snap their neck, with its anger meter slowly ticking down at a rate of 1 anger/second. Once it hits 0 or the employee is dead, the Bracken will return to its evading state.

Corpse dragging[edit]

Upon killing an employee, the Bracken will drag their corpse towards its chosen room (it being the one that it moved towards during its evading state). The Bracken will drop the employee's body under these conditions:

  • It reaches the room
  • It cannot reach the room
  • It has not chosen a room
  • It exits its evading state (including a transition to an enraged state)


Diligently checking surroundings indoors will ensure the Bracken is unable to sneak up on employees. Once spotted, as long as employees neither approach nor stare, it will immediately flee further into the building. While it is evading, a faint descending hum sound will be heard as long as it can still see you; when this sound cuts out, it is safe to turn around. The Bracken will also open doors to get to an employee, so be aware of doors that are already opened or the sound of opening doors without any footsteps accompanied by it.

Zap guns are effective against the Bracken, making it possible to kill if paired with an employee holding a shovel. However, the Bracken will be angered by this and immediately attempt to snap an employees neck if not killed before the stuns duration ends. Stun grenades have no effect on the Bracken, and instead just anger it. Alternatively, the Bracken can be killed by triggering landmines, either by teleporting an employee off of one, having the Bracken dragging a body on top of one, by throwing a stun grenade at one while the Bracken is in close proximity, or by throwing a throwable item on the mine. Brackens can also be killed if an employee shoots it with a shotgun.

Employees are able to lock the Bracken away using security doors by luring it in and closing the door once it is inside, with the employee either escaping through another security door or through teleportation.

If an employee is killed by the Bracken their body will be dragged far from any exits making retrieval challenging without the use of a teleporter.

Because the Bracken knows the facility and the Bracken's chosen room is selected at random, a careful employee can chase it down to go deeper into the building as it will continue to flee as much as it can, preferring said room. If sightings of the Bracken become very frequent, the usage of the strategy should be halted. Caution should be addressed if visiting the Bracken's chosen room, as it will often be upset and trying hard to return to it. The Bracken's chosen room can also be one that appears like a level from the Backrooms, but this has not been proven to be the consistent Bracken room.


Version 40[edit]

  • Removed four debug messages used to create the Bracken. Originally output "Flowerman was hit and angered!" on hit, and "Flowerman: is agent enabled after killing?: {agent.enabled}; speed: {agent.speed}", "Doing kill animation", and "start: (start position) / end: (end position)" when playing its kill animation.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause player hits to register twice.
  • Removed debug rays drawn when starting kill animation.
  • Partially rewrote kill animation networking code.

Note: history of the Bracken before version 39 is unknown. If you have information on its introduction, feel free to add it here.


  • Contrary to popular belief, the generation of the Backrooms-inspired room within the Factory does not indicate that the Bracken has spawned. This is likely because the popular name for the room, "Bracken Room," sounds very similar to The Backrooms, which got it confused among many players.
  • The Bracken shares its name with a species of fern, the fronds of which somewhat resemble the leaves that grow from the Bracken's back.