Company Cruiser

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Default Price 400
Weight??? lb



The cruiser needs to be ignited before driving. You can do this by entering and seating in the cruiser, then find the keyhole and hold your E button. The ignition may fail, so if it doesn't ignite after a while, try releasing and holding E again.

To start going forward, you have to set the cruiser into drive before using the W key to accelerate, and A and D to turn left and right. To go backwards, you put it in reverse and hold W to go backwards, while using A and D to turn.

You cruiser can be set to park in order to stop it from sliding down slopes, but attempting to drive in this mode will cause the truck to explode after playing a siren.

There's an eject button which can eject all the drivers out, all of them will take about 50 damage.

The cruiser can crush trees and killable entities, including players(unverified).

When the cruiser takes too much damage, it will explode similar to a landmine, this will destroy the cruiser, kill players as well as destroy scrap placed in the vehicle.(unverified)

You can check the cruiser's health by opening the hood, its health is represented by a green coloured bar.

You have a warranty for your purchased cruiser, as the company says

We are so confident in the quality of this product, it comes with a life-time warranty! If your Cruiser is lost or destroyed, you can get one free replacement. Items cannot be purchased while the vehicle is en route.

You can only purchase one cruiser at a time. If you try to purchase another cruise when you already have one, it will stop you by saying

For the safety of your crew, the Company only allows one Cruiser to be in operation at any given time, but a Cruiser has been detected.

Company description[edit]

The Company Cruiser is an entire delivery truck capable of carrying as many items as you could ever need, including your fellow coworkers! Your purchase of a Company Cruiser comes with one free, life-time warranty, because we are that confident in its durability and usefulness!

It comes with a manual, so make sure to read up on the best practices.



Version 55[edit]

  • Introduced.