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Landmines are disc-shaped explosive devices placed throughout the floors of interiors including, as of version 55, the Mansion and the Factory. Stepping off of one will detonate its surroundings, killing or at least heavily injuring those within its blast radius. Entities cannot trigger landmines, but can be damaged by its detonations.


The landmine is a passive, stationary hazard whose lethality only occurs when triggered by (most often) an unsuspecting player. At certain intervals, the landmine can be heard beeping on occasion and emitting a quick red flash, at a volume discernible enough to alert cautious players of its presence. Like turrets and secure doors, all landmines that spawn are visible on the ship's radar, and given an associated code that can be used to temporarily disarm them through the terminal, for a very short period of time. Much like other traps, landmines do not react to the behavior of entities. The landmine only clicks when one of the following scenarios occur; either a player walks on top of it, or an item falls on top of it.


Detonation occurs when a player steps off the landmine (meaning they must be on it first), an item that is placed on it is retrieved, or a player hits it using a weapon, either through a melee hit by shovel or stop sign, or shooting it with the shotgun. This process invokes a blast radius that implicates any surrounding player or killable entity. Any within approximately 4.5 metres is significantly injured. Any within 4 metres is killed. The detonation is not instant; the landmine first plays an activation sound, suggesting that it charges up before exploding. The radius, and the player's default movement speed ensures that they cannot escape from its blast, killing any who set it off through movement.


For experienced players, the sheer size of a landmine alone makes it easy to spot in a room, and its other tells (the occasional blink of light and sound) means it does not pose nearly as dire a threat as entities or even turrets.

They can be proactively disarmed from the terminal using their unique code. This assumes play with at least one other player, who stays on the ship monitoring the crew through the terminal, disarming any landmines that are visible, much like turrets and secure doors. Remember, the VIEW MONITOR command will render the monitor's contents onto the terminal display, saving you the trouble of having to go back and forth between the two displays.

The imminent threat can also be nulled with a teleporter, if your crew has earned enough credits to buy one. While the reactive nature of the landmine means you can safely warp back to the ship unharmed, the landmine will still trip and detonate when you disappear, so make sure other players are not within range if you decide to teleport back.

An Easter Egg could also potentially launch you further than its blast radius, due to the delay of the landmine's detonation and the egg's exceptionally high knockback upon combustion.


Note: The history of Landmines before version 39 is unknown. If you have information on its introduction, feel free to add it here.