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The Steam banner for Lethal Company. It depicts 4 shadowy people in hazmat gear, with "Lethal Company" overlaid.

Welcome to the Unofficial Lethal Company Wiki!

This is the most active unofficial wiki for the game "Lethal Company," created by Zeekerss. You can expect this wiki to offer you an in-depth look at the mechanics behind much of the content in the game.

Lethal Company is a multiplayer survival horror game in which players are tasked with gathering enough scrap items from hostile moons to meet an ever-increasing company profit quota. The moons have harsh weather conditions and hazards and are filled with unique monsters, traps, and complex game mechanics. All these aspects tied together with in-game proximity chat lead to endless hours of gameplay and funny, memorable moments.

This wiki is in its early stages, please feel free to contribute! We’re currently at 17 active editors (of 1,512 users total), maintaining 519 articles and 353 files. We’ll need all the help we can get! Interested users should review our Style Guide before editing a page.

Please note that this wiki does not contain information relating to modding, those looking for modding help should check here

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Scrap Ship Tips and Tricks
Sigurd Logs Weather Interiors

Did you know?

  • Manticoils are interchangeably referred to as "Manticoils" and "Mantacoils" - the file name uses an "i", the bestiary entry uses an "a", and either spelling can be typed to access the file.
  • The Bracken, (if present,) chooses a favorite room upon the company ship landing; it will store the bodies of it's prey in that location.
  • Turrets and the laser pointer scrap emit the same laser.
  • Landmines will not explode until you step off of them, this does not apply to items.
  • Turrets when hit with a shovel or sign will make a charging sound and spin about 3 times while firing.
  • The delivery dropship can kill a player if they are standing right under its landing point.
  • Repeatedly dropping and picking up any "noisy" scrap items such as the Robot Toy or Teeth has a small chance to silence them.
  • Weight does not affect jump height and stamina consumption from jumping.
  • The longest possible run is 152 days and the highest quota you then complete is 52567.


Lethal Company began as a very different project; initially, the entire game was planned to take place indoors, with players reaching new factories with an elevator. According to the earliest available post relating to the game, it was first teased on Patreon on the 26th of May, 2022, though development seems to go back much, much further than that.

After much evolution, the game was released as an early access title on October 23rd, 2023. The game is currently the most popular indie game on Steam, reaching over 40,000 concurrent players within three weeks of launch, setting new concurrent player records every day. As of right now, Lethal Company's peak concurrent players is 239,369.

Zeekerss has stated that they’d like to return to bigger projects after they are done supporting Lethal Company. An exact EOS date has not been released.


Thanks to lait_vitaminet on Discord for the French translations!
Thanks to Vahlok and thatfaib on Discord for the German translations!