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Scientific nameQuadrupes-manta
Sigurd's danger level0%
Power level1
Max spawned16
RADAR pip sizeSmall
Stun multiplier1.0


Attack damageN/A

Manticoils are passive ambient birds found outdoors. With a distinctive four-winged anatomy, they can be seen soaring overhead or hopping on the ground either alone or in small groups.

Bestiary entry[edit]


Sigurd's danger level: 0%

Scientific name: Quadrupes-manta
Mantacoils are a passerine bird of the family corvidae. Their bodies are quite large compared to their early descendants, and their wingspan ranges from 55 to 64 inches. Their most defining characteristic is their set of four wings. Their back wings are mostly used to stabilize when at low speed, while their front two wings create the majority of lift. Their round bodies are a striking yellow but with black outlines or stripes along their primary (rear) feathers.

Manticoils mostly feed on small insects but can also feed on small rodents. They are highly intelligent and social. They pose little threat and have a generally passive temperament towards humans, although they are capable of transmitting Rabies, Rubenchloria, and Pitt Virus.


When approached by a player, Manticoils will quickly fly away while squawking and cawing. Noise will also scare them off.


  • They are interchangeably referred to as "Manticoils" and "Mantacoils" - the file name uses an "i" while the bestiary entry uses an "a" and either spelling can be typed to access the file.
  • As they emit sound when taking off and flying around, they can alert Eyeless Dogs.
  • Along with Roaming Locusts, Manticoils are one of the two entities that cannot harm players.