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Moons are celestial bodies that employees can land on to explore and collect scrap. Some moons are more dangerous and have more overall loot values than others.

Moons can also be affected by weather such as storms or eclipses.

Moon list[edit]

Name Hazard Level Cost (c) Default Layout Map Size Multiplier Min Scrap Max Scrap Max Indoor Power Max Nighttime Power Viable Weather
41-Experimentation B 0 Factory 1 8 11 4 8 Rainy, Stormy, Foggy, Flooded, Eclipsed
220-Assurance D 0 Factory 1 13 15 6 8 Rainy, Stormy, Foggy, Flooded, Eclipsed
56-Vow C 0 Factory 1.15 12 14 7 6 Stormy, Foggy, Flooded, Eclipsed
21-Offense B 0 Factory 1.25 14 17 12 8 Rainy, Stormy, Foggy, Flooded, Eclipsed
61-March B 0 Factory 2 13 16 14 12 Stormy, Foggy, Flooded, Eclipsed
20-Adamance B 0 Factory 1.18 16 18 13 13 Rainy, Stormy, Foggy, Flooded, Eclipsed
85-Rend A 550 Mansion 1.8 18 25 10 6 Stormy, Eclipsed
7-Dine S 600 Mansion 1.8 22 25 16 6 Rainy, Flooded, Eclipsed
8-Titan S+ 700 Factory 2.2 28 31 18 7 Stormy, Foggy, Eclipsed
5-Embrion S 150 Factory 1.1 11 15 8 70 Foggy, Eclipsed
68-Artifice S++ 1500 Mansion 2 31 37 13 13 Rainy, Stormy, Flooded, Eclipsed
44-Liquidation S++ ??? Mansion 1.6 28 45 13 13 Rainy, Stormy, Flooded, Eclipsed

Moon properties[edit]

Difficulty/Hazard Level/Cost[edit]

Difficulty is a rating based on how the moons are ordered in the ship's terminal. The first three are easy moons to travel to with respectively less loot and less dangerous creatures on average. The next three are a bit harder. These moons are more dangerous to travel to but also offer more loot. The last five are the hardest moons that carry the most loot, but they also have outside conditions such as dense fog, snow storms, and other unique deterrents that make it more difficult to navigate to the entrance.

Hard moons cost credits to travel to. This price is paid once per change of orbit, meaning that if employees land on the same moon back to back, they don't have to pay again.

Hazard level defines the in-game definition of how difficult a moon is. This value is fixed for every moon and does not have any influence other than being an indicator for employees.

Map size multiplier[edit]

The moon's indoor map is procedurally generated with the seed changing every time the ship lands. The size of this generated map is dependent on the moons map size multiplier. 41-Experimentation and 220-Assurance have the smallest map size with a multiplier of 1 while 8-Titan has the largest with a multiplier of 2.2. Larger map sizes can lead to larger maze structures and more intertwined catwalks and hallways and therefore to a higher possibility of getting lost.

Min/Max scrap[edit]

Each map has a predefined minimum and maximum amount of scrap items that can spawn. The value of these items is random and based on the moons loot table. So even though some moons can spawn a lot of items, it is still possible to get really lucky or unlucky and only get low value or high value items in a run. On average though, higher max scrap usually means higher loot value overall.

Note: The internal values for Max Scrap are one higher than the value listed here. This is because when generating scrap, the game uses an exclusive maximum therefore these represent the actual maximum number of pieces of scrap spawned in a level.

Note: It is possible to have more items on a planet than the max scrap number. This is because the Apparatus and Bee Hives are not accounted for in this range. For example, it is possible to scan 18 items on 21-Offense: the maximum 17 scrap plus the Apparatus.

Max powers[edit]

The max indoor power and max nighttime power affects how many entities could spawn in a map. Check Mechanics#Spawning requirements for details.

Default layout[edit]

The map layout defines the indoor map type which can either be the Factory or the Mansion. Every moon except 61-March has a slight chance (usually very small) to spawn with the opposite layout instead of the default one. The chances for to happen can be found on each moons individual page.

Possible weather[edit]

All the weathers a moon can experience. It is worth noting that a moon's weather has no influence whatsoever on the loot amount or value on that moon and only makes it harder for employees.


  • Gordion, while technically a moon, holds nothing but the Company Building.

Big thanks to McMessenger's steam guide on Moons, specifically the images he created of the moons overhead view/flooded timelapses! click here to read his work!