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The Company establishes a Quota, the minimum amount of credits that the crew must earn by selling scrap at the Company headquarters on Gordion. Displayed above the monitor in the ship, players are informed of the amount of credits, how many they have already earned, and the number of days remaining to fulfill it. Players always start each run at 130 credits. Failure to meet this deadline will lead to the crew being fired and ejected into space, wiping all progress made on that save.

While the deadline to reach Quota is three days, players may travel to Gordion sooner if they manage to meet it early. Players need not head back on the day of the deadline when they meet the quota, and any extra scrap can be saved for the next, assuming that at least one player survives on the crew's visit to the next moon.

As of version 40, the function SetNewProfitQuota() inside TimeOfDay.cs contains the relevant code to calculate newer minimums after the initial starting quota, as well as the Overtime Bonus. The resulting explanations below were based on that version of the game and may have been adjusted since.

New quota calculation[edit]

Syntax Note: The ∈ symbol only represents the bounds of the equation result.

The new quota calculation is governed by a set of three equations.

The function first calculates a Time Multiplier, essentially the square of how many times players fulfill the quotas, in a range limited from 0 to 104.

The game then introduces randomization via a curve.

Then the new quota is registered by adding the old quota and the randomized offset.

Overtime Bonus[edit]

An Overtime Bonus rewards the crew for quickly completing their quota ahead of the deadline, or for going above and beyond the quota's value.

It is governed by the following equation.

Currently, the amount of Overtime Bonus received upon reaching the Quota seems to be 15 short of what the equation would suggest, which might be the result of the DaysUntilDeadline variable being set to -1 when selling with zero days left on the terminal. With this in mind, you should expect to subtract 15 when selling right at the deadline mark.

The bonus equation changes when players have zero days left in the deadline:

To calculate how much scrap to sell to reach a precise total value of credits, calculate: