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The Ship is the first location you'll find yourself in Lethal Company. The ship is your base of operations. Most entities cannot enter into the ship, the exceptions being the Eyeless Dogs, the Ghost Girl, the Circuit Bees, and the Masks (Enemy).

Included utilities[edit]

While there are many upgrades that you can make to the ship, what's included on the ship at the beginning is a main monitor, a terminal, a ship control lever, a recharge station, four secondary monitors, door controls, a light switch, a cupboard, a filing cabinet, and a bunkbed.

Main monitor[edit]

The screen gives you a simplistic top down view of the player you are observing, with the following symbols representing various things:

Examples of red circle sizes (a.k.a. radar pip size) for different entities
  • Blue Circle: Player characters. The cone in front of them is their field of vision.
  • Yellow/Green Triangle: Scrap items that can be sold.
  • Blue Line: A fire exit (small blue line) or the main entrance (large blue line).
  • Blue Line With Yellow Dots: Represents a locked door that needs a key to open.
  • Red Circle: A nearby creature. Different sizes of circles represent different entities.
  • Red Square/Triangle: Represents landmines and turrets respectively.
  • Red Line: Represents a vent.
  • Letter With a Number: A code associated with the thing it's over. Can be over secure doors, landmines, and turrets. You can type the codes into the terminal to open/close the door or temporarily disable turrets, landmines, and crushers.

The white button to the left of the Monitor switches perspectives between different players. The red button below it turns the main monitor on and off.

You may also view the main monitor from the terminal using the "VIEW MONITOR" command.

Before landing on a moon, the main monitor displays flavor text about the moon that is currently selected. Depending on the text's length, it may also display the moon's current weather.


Players can use the Computer Terminal to do a variety of things in game, including navigation, shopping, and viewing entries in the bestiary.

Commands are NOT case sensitive. The following commands can be used on the terminal:

Input Result
HELP Displays the first page of commands.
OTHER Displays the second page of commands.
MOONS Allows players to choose between moons to land in and observe weather conditions for all moons.
STORE Opens the Store.
BESTIARY Opens the Bestiary.
STORAGE Accesses objects placed into storage.
EJECT Gently retires the employees in the ship, used to reset runs (command can only be done by Host)
VIEW MONITOR Toggles on and off the main monitor's map camera.
SWITCH [Player name] Switches view on the map camera to the specified player. Switches in order when no player name is specified
PING [Radar booster name] Makes the specified radar booster play a sound.
FLASH [Radar booster name] Makes the specified radar booster flash at anyone looking at it, stunning enemies.
TRANSMIT [message] Puts a message on everyone's screen if the Signal Translator has been bought.
SCAN Returns the amount of items left on the current moon.
SIGURD Opens up the Sigurd Logs.

By pressing / to open chat, typing the command you want quick access to, pressing Shift+Home to select it, and pressing Ctrl+C to copy it, you can then paste it with Ctrl+V, allowing quick access to a specific command

Ship control lever[edit]

The ship control lever allows you to land the ship on the moon you're orbiting, as well as allowing you to start the ship when you've landed to end the day and go back into orbit, with or without all players present. It is recommended to always check the weather of the selected moon before landing.

While players frequently land on Gordion on the final day (Day 0) to sell and meet quota, maximizing profit, it is possible to land and sell there earlier. When the ship lands on Gordion and nothing is sold, the day counter will not decrease. It is also possible to land on a planet other than Gordion on the final day, which will always result in the quota being failed and subsequent disciplinary action.

Recharge station[edit]

The recharge station is a place where you can recharge battery powered objects, allowing for additional use after its battery is depleted. Walkie-Talkies, Flashlights, Pro-Flashlights, Zap Guns, Boomboxes, Jetpacks, Hairdryers, and Laser Pointers are rechargeable using this method.

Secondary monitors[edit]

There are four monitors outside of the main monitor.

The rightmost monitor shows a camera pointed out the back of the ship. It is most useful to see the Ghost Girl, but it can also be used to see other threats that may be coming towards the ship.

The top-rightmost monitor shows you the inside of the ship at a very low resolution, thus serving a mostly cosmetic purpose.

There are then two monitors above the main monitor - the leftmost shows you your quota, and the other shows you the amount of days left until quota is due. The quota monitor also shows the total amount you've sold after you sell at the company building on Gordion. The days left monitor always counts down from three, showing "NOW" once the ship has taken off from the planet left on the final day.

Door controls[edit]

The door controls

The door controls are used to open and temporarily close the door you exit out of the ship from. It has two buttons and a display. Pressing the green button with a vertical bar will open the door, while pressing the red one with a circle will close the door. The display is used to show the percentage on how long the door will stay closed. When the percentage reaches 0%, the door will open, and it takes around 6 seconds to reach 100% again. When started on 100%, the door will stay closed for about 30 seconds. There's also a small monitor screen above the door controls that shows what is going on outside the door.

It is useful to keep Eyeless Dogs and Masks (Enemy) out of the ship for a time, but once the door opens, the noise of the door opening will lure them back to the ship.

Light switch[edit]

The light switch turns the lights on or off. This is useful in the event that lightning strikes the ship, as it will force the lights off and you will need to manually turn them back on. If a player has bought Cozy Lights, they will be turned on in the event that the light switch is turned off. A Remote can also be used to turn the lights on or off.


The three starting decorations are a red cupboard, a filing cabinet, and a bunkbed. Additional decorations may be bought and placed inside the ship from the Store. The cupboard may be used as storage for tools or scrap items, and the filing cabinet and bunkbed are largely cosmetic (though can be used to store tools and scrap on top of it).

Store upgrades[edit]

If you'd like to view and learn more about the paid things you can buy for the ship, go to the Store page and look at their respective pages.



You can clip through the ship with the help of the bunk beds or cupboards, note that some of these are inconsistent in multiplayer and doing this while in space will teleport you back inside if you succeed

With the Cupboards, press B on them and go inside them(the doors will still have collision), jump and press E or scroll to cancel the placement, you should be on top of it, partially in the ceiling, jumping again should put you outside, this is the easier option for ceiling clipping as you land, since you cannot move objects while the ship is moving, but is inconsistent in multiplayer, make sure you test this in space before trying to use it on a moon, not jumping can get you stuck inside, needing someone else to get you out

With the Bunk Beds, Press B to go inside them, Jump and press E or scroll to clip onto the roof of the ship, unlike the Cupboards, this is consistent but is much harder(or maybe even impossible) to perform while landing

Pressing E or scrolling with the Bunk Beds without jumping can either clip you through the floor or the wall, in solo you consistently clip through the floor, in multiplayer it is inconsistent, and you may get stuck.

Corner spot[edit]

The left corner (while facing towards the ship lever) is considered “outside”, meaning standing there and yelling can act as a pseudo loud horn, as the dogs will rush outside the ship next to where the corner is are - be careful because if this, standing too close to the wall can have dogs attack through it.

This can also be used as a safe spot; by angling the terminal in a way where it completely blocks off access to this corner by walking, staying completely silent will make dogs unable to kill you if enraged in the ship.