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A data chip

Sigurd Logs are logs written by a character named Sigurd. These can be found on moons in the form of collectable data chips.


As of version 49, the game has 13 available logs.

Due to the poor keyboard quality mentioned in log "Smells here!", this page kept the typos found in the original texts. In-game screenshots are provided on the side of each log for reference.

First Log - Aug 22[edit]

Available since the game starts.

First Log - Aug 22
Date: August 22, 1968

Hello. i am writing this log to keep myself sane. I couldnt find a way to do the most basic thing on this old janky butt computer so I had Desmond add it in, the log feature. til now ive just been adding my own notes to the bestiary whatever i know. My brother said i should keep a journal so im doing what i can! I am writing in a proffessional manner, as these logs could become a historical record, as they will projbably be here for years, just as long as there isnt a clean wipe. that is what desmond saidfd

If you are reading it in the future, you are probably from a nother crew. The turnover rate here is enormous, maybe cause this job sucks and every one turns over dead! Maybe I can give some help when I have some expirience. End log.

Oh, our names are: Sigurd (me), Richard, Desmond, Jess.

Smells here! - Aug 24[edit]

Found on: Assurance.

Log contents

Smells here! - Aug 24
gosh, this suit is squeezing me like I'm a gosh damn mummy! im a grown man, give it some space between the legs! it's killing me i'm dying! i hope youre happy dad, I FINALLY got a job. screw you! Everyone here smells. especially Rich. I'm going to throw him in the lake. I don't care what it's made of. i love being on camera duty. oh

i forgot the date it's August 24, 1968. this keyboard has dsadjilfasqt..f/g;

today we found a couple frying pans and a big nail. Worth almost nothing. what is the company even using it for

Swing of things - Aug 27[edit]

Found on: Experimentation, the water tower at the edge of the map.

Swing of things - Aug 27
we got in the "swing of things" the past few days. thats what Rich keeps saying, he smells like a rancid tuna can. worst summer camp I've ever been o n. Date is August 27, 1968.

we make sure someone always has a shovel for bashing anything that moves, and we always put someone on "camera duty" so they can open these big security doors with letters and numbers. ask Desmond the wizard how that works, I think he just types in the code thats on the door. Thats it

we sold some goods to the company today at 70% value. i got m y nerves chilled listening to the fuckng PYSCHOTIC soundfs behind the counter. No one else gave any. ??

Cant ignore that! my flashlight didn't even go back there, the beam just went dark.

Golden planet - Aug ??[edit]

Found on: Rend.

Log contents

Golden planet - Aug ??
I talked ot a voice on the walkie talkie, it was like a part of the screams. he told me the Golden planet actually existed, its not a legend. and he told me it didn't just hit a meteor. He said the planet was swallowed up by the "beast", and they were in its body being diggested. i asked what the beast is, and he said he didnt know!. he said it ate the planet and they forgot everything.

i couldnt get him to stop talking. but i said he was on the other side of a big wall and i could get him out. i said he was inside the building. and thats when he started freaking out/. i couldn't make out a word, I think he said something about "spitting out the rinds" So i just turned it off. what a wack

Jess says the golden planet is just a story. I said I KNOW, I'm not an idiot. Well she said i should quit, and she quits if i do. so she s staying

Shady - Aug 31[edit]

Found on: Experimentation, the ship sided end of the big pipe near the fire exit.

Shady - Aug 31
date is August 31, 1968. i got camera duty again, i hate walking on this moon anyway. ahah jokes on them it, just started raining!!! Im just sitting. cant sleep on these tiny beds for ants

Ive been thinking a lot. i think this job is shady. If youre reading this you probbably got here the same as me. the pay is good, the contract only lasts a season. they ran you through their "assessmennt exam" on the phone with a weird voice. you signed the contract on the shuttle with the rest of your crew. But the whole time you didnt talk to anyone. The shuttle was autopiloted, I think the voice on the phone was fake. I;ve had the wrost dreams, I think I just want to go back home. but im not gonna crawl home, crying and scratching on dad's front door. thats not his son. thats not Sigurd!

Sound behind the wall - Sep 4[edit]

Found on: Gordion.

Log contents

Sound behind the wall - Sep 4
i got woken up early this morning because we were going to the company building to sell our useless garbage. The rate was 120% which Desmond says is rare and he didnt want to miss it, hes been watching it like the stupid stocks.

it still sucks here, Rich still smells like a piece of hsit .i can barely sleep. i heard the wrorst sound behind the wall of the company building, it sounded like crying red faces all churned up and swept away by concrete, like the pestle and bowl my mom crushes up her seeds and spices in. i still hear it. Its a nightmare. no one else heard it. they dont know what to do. Jess thinks i;m "home sick," no im sick of this cheap suit

date: Septermber 4, 1968

Goodbye - Sep 7[edit]

Found on: March.

Log contents

Goodbye - Sep 7
we left behiind Rich. we just had one room to check and then we could be done for the day, i couldnt get the door open. And then i looked and Rich wasnt there. It was the fucking wrinkly skin flower head man that walks on two legs! it turned his neck. i heard the crack but he wasnt there. I wanted to find Rich even if he was dead, but they are cowards! their faces are blank like idiots, theres nothing moving in their stupid skulls, all they wanted to do is leave. they were going to leave me too. we all hated Rich but we didnt want this. this isnt worth it, its just not worth it. we got a pair of scissors, a box full of stamps and a bundle of cords to sell for nothing. its not wort h it, what does the company even want it for?

the date we last saw Rich is September 7, 1968

Screams - Sep 13[edit]

Found on: Vow.

Log contents

Screams - Sep 13
date: September 13, 1968

for some reason i was the one who had to call the company number to report the acciddent. they were too scared to do it. It was the same fake voice i remember from the interview on the phone at home and the stupid training videos. but it heard what i said i think, cause it said they would contact the family and find a replacement and something e lse. It talked so fast.

I learned you can hear the screams all the time in the walkie talkie when you;re at the wall of the Company building. they didnt believe me, well now they do. It sounds just like when i heard it a couple weeks ago. They want to quit. I said I'm not a coward. I just got this job

Idea - Sep 18[edit]

Found on: Rend.

Log contents

Idea - Sep 18
date: September 18, 1968

the past weekend it feels like Desmond and Jess woke up. we;re supposed to get our fourth member of the crew in a few days. We arent taking any risks anymore, we dont get as much but it feels safer, and ive gotten better sleep. but its still ass. i can still smell Rich i swear to gosh he smelled that bad

i was talking about how the voice on the phone sounded fake. Then Desmond got this weird idea. he's the wizard and all so he thinks theres a way to use the phone call i made to the company number to find ourt where the voice comes from. i dont know why hed want to do that but he seems serious. He;s been using the terminal a lot.

Nonsense - Sep 27[edit]

Found on: Rend.

Log contents

Nonsense - Sep 27
September 27, 1968

desmond wants me to writ e down what we figured out and keep my "nonsense to a minimum". So im going to put SO MUCH of my non sense. screw him. The new crew member is named Lucas and he is so confused and scared a ll the time, what a baby, at least he doesnt smell like a monster. its been so sunny even though its september, and these suits dont take it well

ok so desmond "traced the call" and found out theres a group of people somewhere else that pretends to call us from the company building. they are across the whole solar system !! why would they be so far away.

Desmond says he doesnt know, but i think. What if there really is a big monster in the company building like the voice told me on the wlakie talkie? They trapped it, and we feed it to keep it tame. i just wanted a stupid job!!!!!

Hiding - Sep 30[edit]

Found on: Dine.

Log contents

Hiding - Sep 30 (First half)
Hiding - Sep 30 (Second half)
September 30, 1968

i keep having bad dreams about the Company building where the Company breaks out of that giant concrete wall. But i dont know if it looks like anything, i just think its really big and fast. We cant figure out a way to know if the voices on the phone are real, desmond says its too far away. i asked him if he could ttake control of the autopilot and he said im crazy and that could kill us. yes i am crazy desmond

he says we would have to get our own private flight to go to the cordinates, and who knows what would actually be there. So, what if its nothing?

i started wondering how i cant remember how we really got here, no I just remember little things like the shuttle flight to the building where we signed our contracts. But i dont remember getting on the shuttle, i dont even remember saying bye to dad. in my dreams it feels like the company isnt trapped in there at all, its just hiding. I dont know if im going home

Real Job - Oct 1[edit]

Found on: Titan.

Log contents

Real Job - Oct 1 (First half)
Real Job - Oct 1 (Second half)
date : October 1st, 1968

were out of snacks and lemonade packets again. desmond thinks stun grenades are "more benefficial" well if he puts off ordering my stuff for another day, im going to take a shit on the control lever and ask him what he thinks about his stun grenades then. desmond dont read this

i know im not the wizard but I guess im the computer guy again today. every time i go outside on vow they say i get pale like im dead, so they put me on screen duty. they think i got soft or something. whatever, lucas is the scared one. good luck keeping him from losing his freaking mind. I could stroll out at night like its my back yard!! Its just that i saw Rich on a hill. he was over on the orther side of the river. but that was three days ago. Im not scared, its just getting cold outside. i think they jus twant me to have screen duty every day and they all got an excuse

i miss dad. i hope he isnt staying on titan. people are saying its not going to look the same in two years. jess told us they a re about to go to war and everyone is just waiting for it. every time we go to sell, the company building is shaking like theres a loud furnace inside. they are too afraid to quit. we can barely sleep to meet the quota, and it gets worse every time. god, i feel like im being squeezed through a needle. i wish we could go back. it was better working for dad even when i got nothing, just daily alowance. i liked when he would drive us out of town to see the waterfall and we walked up those old wooden stairs. i just wanted a real job

Desmond - Oct 15[edit]

Found on: Titan.

Log contents

Desmond - Oct 15
Desmond. October 15, 1968. I am encrypting these logs to keep them hidden, as I fear the system will be wiped if they are found. It's all a guise. We're supposed to think it's all just a transaction, but our real job is keeping an incredible terror fed. How long until its fullness ends and its hunger is insatiable? God knows, maybe it has to do with all these desolate moons. Whoever reads this, I am sorry to burden you with this. Please have a good day and night--as what else is there for us to do?



  • The dates on Sigurd's logs state the year is 1968, a year before the moon landing.
  • The Golden Planet is possibly referencing real life planets and asteroids made of pure gold or other rare materials, such as Psyche 16.
  • In "Sound behind the wall", the log talks about a 120% sell rate, which is unseen in game, however after leaving Gordion the sell rate will be 123% for a short window of time.
  • In "Real Job", Sigurd notes how he saw Rich, even though he was already dead. This is likely one of three things: Sigurd seeing Rich as a ghost, much like the Ghost Girl; seeing Rich somehow come back as a Masked Employee; or he is just going crazy due to the insanity and paranoia the job instills on people.