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The store

The Store is a terminal command which can be used to purchase and deliver various items.


To access the store, type "store" in the ship's terminal. This will return a full list of all the items that can be purchased on that day. Employees are always able to buy any equipment but ship upgrades and ship decorations have a random rotation of purchasable items that changes every day.

To buy an item, type the name of the item and how many you want to buy (e.g. "flashlight 3") into the terminal. If you are already on a moon, a drop pod will deliver the bought items within half an hour. Once landed, the drop pod plays a melody so it can be located by employees. Employees are advised to retrieve items quickly as after some time the pod leaves again, if the items were collected or not.

If the ship is in orbit at the time of buying, the drop pod will land on the next moon the employees head to.


It is possible for items to be on sale, meaning they can be purchased at a reduced price. This can happen randomly and every item has its own maximum sale percentage, this being 80% for most of the items. Item sales are re-rolled every day.

Store items[edit]

Items purchasable are split into four categories: equipment, ship upgrades, ship decoration, and suits.


Name Image Type Price (c) Weight (lb) Is Conductive Has Battery
Gear 60 16 No Yes
Extension ladder
Gear 60 0 Yes No
Gear 15 0 No Yes
Gear 700 52 Yes Yes
Gear 20 10 No No
Gear 25 5 No Yes
Radar booster
Gear 60 19 Yes No
Weapon 30 14 Yes No
Spray paint
Gear 50 0 No No
Stun grenade
Weapon 30 5 No No
Gear 120 0 Yes No
Gear 12 0 No Yes
Zap gun
Weapon 400 11 Yes Yes

Ship upgrades[edit]

Name Price (c)
Loud horn 100
Signal translator 255
Teleporter 375
Inverse teleporter 425

Ship decoration[edit]

Name Price (c)
Welcome mat 40(actually 50[1])
Goldfish 50
Jack o' Lantern 50
Table 80
Plushie pajama man 100
Record player 120
Romantic table 120
Television 130
Cozy lights 140
Toilet 150
Shower 180
Disco Ball 150


Name Image Price (c)
Green Suit
Purple Suit
Hazard Suit
Bunny Suit IMAGE NEEDED 200
Pajama Suit

You can also purchase a "survival kit". It consists of Flashlights x4, Walkie-Talkies x4, and a Shovel x1, and costs 138.


  • There is an item in the store called Mapper tools, costing 30. Its informational page states giving players an overhead view of their surroundings using light-detection, however in-game the item is just a shovel. There is no known use for this tool at the moment, possibly being planned/scrapped content.
  • The welcome mat has an actual cost of 50 because of a different configuration between internal assets.
  • The Extension ladder can be used as a weapon if it falls on a player.


  1. Related assets of the welcome mat's actual price