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Since it hasn't been stated anywhere (oops), we should use ~~~~ to attach a signature and timestamp to your posts here, and if you are replying to another post, insert a : before the message (or more, depending on the number of replies).

For example, [: this ~~~~] (without the brackets) will result in the below

this Chrisblamm0 (talk) 09:58, 31 December 2023 (UTC)

Swagswagyoloswag: when using dark mode, the text in navigation boxes found under some pages (for example the Old Bird page) are incredibly hard to read if youve already visited them, just letting u all know for future reference! ^_^

Craycraycat: nvm i did it

Craycraycat: How do i make a new page, i want to do something covering the update 47 competitive mode

Puffo: This font isn't it y'all 💀

Clint5740: As much as I love the font, it feels hard to read for an entire wiki and clunky. An option to use a generic font would be nice.

DoggersDog: We should get some neat little custom icons for the main page’s nav links. Maybe we turn on dark mode for the wiki and have them be white-on-black with a pixel-art Bracken for enemies, flashlight for items, toilet for furniture, and a generic moon for moons?

Hifume: Is dark mode something we can enable by default for everyone?

DoggersDog: - we could probably use a custom common css page. That, or we can invert the icons to be black-on-white if users are on light theme, or use icons that work fine on both.

PolarUnix: i downloaded a tampermonkey plugin which makes the site dark mode since i couldnt handle it but i agree we need some custom icons for the links and a custom appearance

PolarUnix: oh my god i just fucking broke the jester page lmfao

DoggersDog: We got omitted from Google search results because our page was too similar to the Fandom main page. Please be careful before submitting an edit here!

PolarUnix: oh damn

DoggersDog: We're back!

Firnen: What do you guys think of adding a "general guide"? From what ive seen, new players definitely struggle a lot with understanding time, player roles, and how to get the swing of things, and that would help.

MajorTom: Sounds smart. We might also want to add the Sigurd Logs, up to you guys.

Mugglajo: I can draw up icons for the pages, I love drawing!

MajorTom: I'd try and keep the pages uniform so it's less confusing

Mugglajo: Thank you for orgnazing the pages I edited, I am very new to wiki editting, so I just slapped in the info I know, id love to learn how to actually format things properly though

MajorTom: You're good. Just ask if you need help with anything.

Mugglajo: Will do, should we make a discord for this? I can set one up

MajorTom: I have a smallish Lethal Company discord set up. I can put I in here and add a wiki section.

MajorTom: Discord in question (https: //

Mugglajo: Ok great! Thank you :D

Firnen: Ill join too! For sigurd logs, we could create a small lore section, even though we dont have much.

MajorTom: The logs do say a lot tbh, most of it would be speculation tho, we could add an area with a disclaimer

MajorTom: We need a template for the scrap items

MajorTom: Can someone fix my scrap template.

NNWHEN: For sure! Template:Infobox scrap

MajorTom: Also can someone make the loot tables use the in game names?

NNWHEN (talk): Y'all, are the images broken for everyone or just me?

MajorTom: As far as I know, everyone

NNWHEN (talk): I'm happy to work on some HTML/CSS so articles with many links (E.G. Wildlife) can take up less vertical space (like what I did with the Main Page's Nav links). The issue is I don't want to make it esoteric and hard for others to contribute to links. Here's a link: User:NNWHEN/sandbox. What do y'all think?

PolarUnix: that looks so good holy shit

MajorTom: Yeah honestly that looks good

Part-Time General Grievous: It looks great but it seems that on mobile it breaks (using responsive design mode). I think this could be fixed using tables which scroll on mobile.

Danodan: Hello, I edited a few pages as a guest just before creating this account. I made a Company Guidelines page because I feel that having a more focused approach to page creation and content will make the reading experience more enjoyable. By all means please change the page however seems best. I look forward with working with you all!

NNWHEN: I look forward to it too, Danodan! :)

NutNutty: Hi all! I joined this wiki a few days ago and have been making edits here and there but right now I have an idea for a decently sized change I just want to run by you all to make sure nobody objects. I personally don't think default category pages look all that good or contain much helpful info and so I feel like the main content links on the main page should eventually all link to actual formatted pages. So I propose taking the Loot Scrap Values page and renaming it to just Scrap, turning all the item names into links, and adding a small blurb at the top, and then using this page to replace the Scrap category link on the main page. I can throw these edits together in like 20 minutes just let me know what you all think. Oh and this would also take care of the fact that Loot Scrap Values is weirdly listed as a "scrap item" on the category page.

NutNutty: Actually I'm going to go ahead and add the blurb + links to the scrap value page because that's just helpful to have, and I'll change the name and main link if you guys want me to.

NNWHEN: Yeah, I like that idea!

maskzo: sup, made some changes to certain scrap items like the apparatus, remote, and whatnot. added a little thingamabob to the main page that shows what the record concurrent on steam is, made these changes over the past few days, go nuts lmao. yeah the remote thing is true, go test it for yourself.

NutNutty: hey I just manually created the infobox on Breaker Panel because the furniture template was requiring a field that the page shouldn't have had, is there another way to suppress that field? What I did feels like bad practice but idk what else to do.

Thumper: Rawr :P

Sgtz: Un... So when can we do the translation for Version 56?

Wiki layout, css, formatting[edit]

If anyone has some good experience with css (or knows someone who does), feel free to reach out to us and we can start changing the wiki's css. Its pretty basic atm and it would be good to update it soon™.

Things that should be changed ideally (such as things that are from other wikis, e.g. wikipedia) imo:

  • infobox templates are a bit ugly and lacking a lot of custom css, same with things like stub and disambig templates (although those are wip)
  • There is a 'dark mode' but it is quite basic and honestly a full redesign of the skin to reflect the game's color palette would be good
  • User:NNWHEN/sandbox replacing the current big sections of information (possibly) or something similar. This doesn't have a best answer so any ideas are welcome here!
  • We also should create a Style Guide so formatting makes more sense, as well as guidelines for media/content.

If you feel differently then make it known, you guys do good work!

Chrisblamm0 (talk) 12:34, 23 November 2023 (UTC)


I see User:PolarUnix2 has been working on some CSS styles. I ripped their font-face code (thank you so much lol). And tried my hand at a style: User:NNWHEN/common.css

NNWHEN (talk) 12:27, 26 November 2023 (UTC)

I've now made a second option for sections of information - using tables was a much better idea - it is actually readable too. there's some inline-written styles but if we adopt this style then instead of manually entering a style for each header and such it can be turned into a CSS class which would be much easier. I still had to wrap it within on

element which kinda sucks. Regardless. I'm much happier with this version

NNWHEN (talk) 13:58, 26 November 2023 (UTC)

Link Lists[edit]

Firstly, thank you to Part-Time General Grievous for pointing out that my previous solution doesn't sit well with mobile

- I have already got a new solution working. Haven't tried using tables yet though.

I am happy to tinker with the CSS! I checked this CSS page - not sure if that would actually be the right place (I am also unable to edit it? I assume I don't have high enough privileges)

NNWHEN (talk)

Part-Time General Grievous: I was thinking about adding some technical info like creature AI and whatnot. Would that be okay for this wiki?

MajorTom: Absolutely, if you find something like that put it in mechanics

MajorTom: If I can get an administrator delete the Training Manual and Camera System pages, they don't really provide much and if we need a Training Manual thing I feel like there are better places for it, not it's own page


this is undeniably the original font, first pointed out here. the only problem is that there is no web host that offers it, even though it's permissively licensed. so there's three ways to get it working, two of which are site-wide:

  • self-host on a web server somewhere (or request that it be added to an existing host) in a similar manner as
  • request that the miraheze staff put the font on the wiki server (it's doable but they may not want to)
  • install it locally from here, and refer to it in your own commons.css (which I've done for the time being because I'm not a fan of the current fonts).

-FosterHaven (talk) 20:27, 27 November 2023 (UTC)

Style guide[edit]

I contributed to the style guide that Danodan started, and I think it's got enough substance to be worth adding to the main page, or someplace else that editors will see it. Just wanted to raise this here for consensus before editing the main page though. Skyla (talk) 17:39, 26 November 2023 (UTC)


MajorTom: Because a lot of new people are coming in I'll resay this, there a section in my discord for this wiki, it's just a faster and easier way to coordinate. Discord in question (


thatfaib : Sup, I used the wikis translation tool today to add a German translation of the main page, as well as the wildlife section, I'd like to eventually do the rest, step by step, however, the translation tool doesnt exist on any other pages, than those two. whoever holds some controll over that , could you add the remaining pages to the tool, or else ill have to edit them manually with just making new sides and editing the html.

FishCat233: Like thatfaib, I have used that translation tool at the top of the page add a Simplified Chinese translation for the Main Page and Wildlife page. I'd like to do more work but there aren't that tool in other pages. Can someone add them for translator? Thanks a lot!

Eaauxice: I have translated the coil head page and the jester page into Greek, so if anyone speaks Greek feel free to go give it a look!

Thumper: Nice Page Guys!

sgtz: Translation tags have been added to the new version of the page, so they can now be translated!

Language-Specific Random Pages[edit]

So I was just hitting the random page button a bunch to try to find pages I'd never seen before, but it kept showing me pages in other languages, and it was annoying me so I wondered if maybe there should be an optional setting to make the random page button only send you to pages in a specific language. 1Sebeastian (talk) 04:01, 21 March 2024 (UTC)