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Lethal Company is a game with many features and in-depth game mechanics, and can feel overwhelming when playing for the first time. This page is meant to help with that by listing helpful tips, tricks, and guides to help you reach those higher quotas!

Service Manual[edit]

This is the in game Service Manual.

Note: The first two colors described for the scanner are incorrect, and are actually as follows: Blue for Place of Interest, Green for Scrap, and Red for Lifeforms.


Hey future hires, this page should hopefully teach you a little more about what to expect.

General Tips[edit]

It is recommended for starting players to come up with a grouping system that works for them. If that group system is having a person in the ship and everyone else split up in the facility, or if it's splitting off in to groups of two. Ultimately the best grouping system is whatever your team seems to flow with the best.

It should be a habit to always remember to charge any battery powered tools before you land. Going in with a dead Flashlight or dead Walkie-Talkie isn't going to do you any good.

The terminal is an extremely helpful tool, it is recommended to have at least one employee know how to operate it fairly well.

The rest of this page is in heavy rework[edit]


The moons are where you land to collect scrap. Some can provide a challenge built into their structure such as Assurance being a very rocky place that's entrances are fairly far from the ship, or like Vow and Adamance that have unstable bridges that can collapse under the stress of too much weight. They can also have weather conditions such as fog, which reduces your ability to see outside hostiles, or rainy conditions, which cause quicksand-like puddles to appear that can be very hard to notice until it's too late.


The outdoor layout of each moon is always the same as well as the position in which the ships lands. Once you've familiarized yourself with each, you'll have an easier time reaching the entrance(s) to the inside. In addition to the easily-accessible main entrance, each moon has at least one Fire exit, with March possessing the most (3). These ulterior doors are useful for navigating to different parts of the facility more easily, and for covering more ground as a team at the start of a round. Barring any weather conditions, the outside is generally safe at the start of a round. As the day progresses, however, spawn rates for hostile enemies will increase, often resulting in Eyeless Dogs, Forest Keepers, or even Earth Leviathans patrolling near the ship.


Typically when entering a facility, you'll want to check the main and immediately adjacent rooms for items, as there will often be one or more pieces of scrap nearby. It's a common strategy to grab these items and place them outside of the main entrance (or any fire exit) to ferry to the ship later -- especially two-handed items. It is extremely useful to take advantage of your scan ability (RMB) to find pieces of loot that may be obscured by darkness or other obstacles, as well as helping you see a little bit better, and it will alert you and your team to enemies like the Snare Flea. If you and your teammate(s) have purchased walkie-talkies, a member of your team can stay behind at the ship and guide teammates towards loot and away from enemies and traps (such as turrets) using the terminal.

More In Depth Guide[edit]

There will be a more in depth guide including spoilers here.