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Damage50 per shot
Damage speed0.21 seconds
Damage typeHitscan (AOE)

Turrets are stationary tripod mounted guns found indoors. Scanning left to a right in a pendulum, they will open fire on employees within their range.

Turrets can be temporarily disabled using the ship's terminal.



In this state, the turret will slowly rotate, searching for targets. It will change the direction of it's rotation every 7 seconds and check for valid targets every 0.25 seconds. If a valid target is spotted, it will switch to the aiming state.


After detecting a employee, it will shine an redish-orange beam toward its target while turning towards it for about 1.5 seconds before switching to the firing state, unless the target gets out of it's field of view, in which it'll return to the scanning state.


In this state, the turret will start repeatedly firing bullets at it's target. Each shot is fired in an interval of 0.21 seconds, doing 50 damage each. The turret will cease firing and return to the scanning state if it's target has either died or left it's field of view for 2 seconds.


Upon being hit with a shovel, stop sign, yield sign or kitchen knife when not firing, the turret will wind up for 1.3 seconds before starting to shoot and rotate repeatedly for 9 seconds. The shots behave the same as they do in the regular firing state. Once the 9 seconds have passed, the turret will return to the scanning state.


When disabled, a 4.5 second reactivation timer will start. Once this timer is up, the turret will reactivate, and will go back into the scanning state. Upon reactivating, the turret will go in a short cooldown, in which it cannot be turned off.